YouTube comment section may become a horror for many as it starts being displayed on full screen mode

YouTube’s comment section while is a place for users to share their comments about a particular video, most of the times people ignore that part of the screen because either its filled with toxic comments or people asking for likes with some absurd statements, with only a very small percentage actually commenting about something relatable to the video.

To be honest, it is not a place people enjoy very much and most of the times majority even ignore it. However, for some reason YouTube’s thought process believes people like the comment section very much and the platform decided it was okay to display the comment section in a full display mode.

While previously users could only access the comment section while watching the video only when they were in the portrait mode, YouTube changed the dynamics in June 2021. Some users on Twitter and Reddit in the middle of this year took it to their social media to let the world know about a new interface they observed on YouTube.

It was that when users switched their YouTube video screens from portrait to full screen mode, the comment sections also popped up on the side taking half the screen, while the video content only appeared on the other half in a relatively smaller size than we are used to.

While the comments on the posts showed that some users were not happy with the idea, we have no clue as to what YouTube’s reason was to expand the same testing to a much wider audience and the tech giant is now believed to be rolling this feature out to a lot of people.

However, the safe side is that you can close the comment section when it pop ups in full screen size. While previously a simple drag down could cancel out the comment section, it was discarded and now a tiny ‘x’ on the corner has to be tapped to get rid of the appearing comment section and get your screen back in full mode. Thank God that the feature wasn’t making the comment section stay permanently on the side, because we cannot imagine the horror of watching a video while a comment section covers half the screen. It would have been extremely disturbing to watch the video and honestly multitasking at its worst.

Well, while the new feature is being expanded, let’s see what kind of feedbacks the social giant receives on it.

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