Instagram tests to display user’s profile at the bottom while going through Instagram Reel

It has been more than a year since social media giant Instagram, released its own Instagram Reels. This new TikTok alike feature has also played an important role to make it cross the 1B+ install barrier on Play Store.

On 5th August 2020, it was officially revealed that this new Instagram Reel update has been released globally for everyone and since that time, this update kept receiving new features from time to time.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a Mobile Developer, Instagram is working on a new feature that will make using Reels more accessible for some and not for others. The developers are working on a new interface where the user profile of the Reel uploader will be displayed at the bottom of the screen so viewers can watch the Reel along with the profile of the Reel account. This will help the viewers to know more about user while browsing through their videos.

While Instagram made features to make it more user friendly, they also worked on things to hide user’s identity such as the names of those who viewed an Instagram Reel video. According to developers, giving out the list of everyone who viewed a reel can be hard because of the number of views it will receive. They also explained that most users don’t want their names to be revealed for viewing a reel this is why they only show the number of views but not the names of those who viewed it. Keeping identity of the viewer private is a benefit and not a disadvantage. However, the names will be revealed of those users who will like a reel or comments on one.

While the names of the viewers can’t be revealed, Instagram does give an insight to the trending topics on its platform. This feature has been named as Instagram Insight which gives an overview of the likes and dislikes of the audience viewing the reels along with the trending reels. This can help Reel creators to find the topics on which they can upload a Reel of their own to make their Instagram game more strong by attracting more users and followers.

Short videos are now trending on almost every major social media application, and it can be expected that these applications will keep working on new features, so they can compete with each other on the basis of options they provide to their followers.

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