Google take further steps and rolls out better transparency options in its ‘Advertiser Verification Program’ which it introduced last year

Google has been taking extra steps and revamping how the advertisements on their search engine looks to users and at the same times ensures that users know why the ad was displayed to them and feel a sense of privacy and security.

All this began last year when Google started an advertiser identity verification program where it asked all advertisers on its platform to provide their private information such as documents related to who they are, what country they are operating from and what they are selling. This further updated to letting users know on what basis and as to why the ad was displayed to them because a lot of times users get confused seeing ads with no relation to them and think as to what data was provided which led the company to link the ad to them.

All this while was a great initiative in itself, Google is taking this one step forward and updating another tool on the advertiser verification process.

The tech giant will now allow users to see what other advertisements has the same advertiser run on Google/YouTube and the new updated feature is called 'About this Ad'.

The new feature will allow user to tap on a view more menu which will open a detailed list of advertising that particular advertiser has run with Google within the past 30 days.

Google began rolling out this advertiser information panel last year and has vastly expanded it to over 90 countries. This shows that how well the tech giant is doing in terms of this new initiative and has gotten a positive response for this from users worldwide.

What the question stands is that what is the purpose of this new information tool of advertisers?

Well, it can serve a variety of purposes. Starting off with that when users tap on the particular menu on the ad to see what else the advertiser has put up advertisements about, it will show users a variety of other products from them which they might they be interested in to buy or search for. Apart from this, it will help users to identify bad actors on advertisements and report any such advertisers which might be posting something that is against the Google's guidelines.

It's a great initiative and we're glad to see the search engine working so hard towards making sure its users feel safe while browsing online.

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