WhatsApp to soon let users hide their last seen from different people rather than keeping it off for everyone

Mobile phones and social media have made our life's tenfold easier and allow us to do many tasks easily. Mobile phones and the social/messaging applications on it have brought people close together, which is surely a good thing however it sometimes costs and a major chunk of what costs is user’s privacy.

Social messaging applications can sometimes make life too public and people that shouldn't see your activity on these platforms do so. One example of this is the 'last seen' feature on WhatsApp which displays to all of your contacts about the time you last used the app. While this can be a good feature for family and close friends other people such as your carpenter or mechanic being able to see when you were last active is cringe and also unsafe since this activity can be used to time and plan a crime. WhatsApp understands this, which is why the company has now started developing a solution for this problem.

WhatsApp since the past year has been working on increasing its platform's privacy and letting users switch off last seen for selective contacts is also a small part of it.

This feature was identified by WAbetainfo on the WhatsApp Beta application. The option is located under the WhatsApp privacy settings and can be easily used. WhatsApp however, will also block you from viewing the last seen status of people that you have added into the list of people that cannot see yours.

WhatsApp as of now doesn't allow users to block out specific contacts from seeing your profile photo, last seen and about, however it is said that after this update user’s will be able to easily go into settings and block selective contacts from viewing all these three things.

This new option by the messaging industry giant will surely make things much better for its users, while also making the application much private. WhatsApp sure have had its sea of controversy over the issue of privacy, however this small change might ease things in the heart of its users.

This interesting feature was noticed on the iOS version of the app, the update however will be released on both the iOS and Android versions.

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