VPN is a source of privacy maintainer for 5 in 10 of remote workers

With the pandemic occurring last year and many of us switching to work from home or remotely, things have been hard for a lot of us. However, with the restrictions being lifted and the vaccine rolling out a lot of workers have still opted for working remotely for some time more, this means working in their homes, coffee shop or any place wherever they feel comfortable but not in their office.

However, while the user and office data is secured when users work within the privacy and safety of a workplace, working remotely means that more chances of data breaches and hacking which can be potentially dangerous for the company and users.

Hence, YouGov conducted a survey where they questioned remote employees about what they do to protect their data from breaches while they work remotely and 52 percent of respondents said that they always use VPN (virtual private network) because they work from home full time, 14 percent said that they do use it sometimes while 15 say they rarely do and 15 percent don’t do at all.

This brings us to the question, that what is VPN? While a lot of users may know what a VPN is many don’t. The survey indicates that only 23 percent of US workers know what a VPN does, half know a little (52%), and around one in five (21%) know a lot. So worry not, if you don’t know about it because we will tell you what it is.

VPN is a kind of a dedicated digital tunnel which provides users with a protected network when exposed to weak public networks.

So whenever an employee is working remotely especially during pandemic times, the VPN will protect their data when their devices are exposed to weak networks and give them a sense of security in their work because a lot of times countless well-publicized data breaches and hacking incidents have occurred throughout the States.

This is a great service for users who do not want to jeopardize their company’s safety and get in trouble.

Do you use VPN as a means to protect your data?

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