Microsoft introduces the personalized news feed “Microsoft Start” for desktop and smartphone users

The pandemic situation has changed many of the users’ behavior as they have now started focusing more on news through social media platforms. The problem is that these social networks are filled with a wide category of news content and it becomes difficult for users to filter content that is based on their interests. Microsoft Corporation is introducing a new product called ‘Microsoft Start’ that is a tailored news feed for people, dissimilar from the product that is presented by its competitors such as Google and Apple Company. The company says that the new personalized system will give users an improved reading experience than its competitors.

The interesting part is that the company has presented many ways to get access to this news service, such as you can get access by using the website (, which currently leads to MSN feed) both on Chrome and Edge Browser. The company has also unveiled this service in the form of a mobile application. Microsoft Corporation has further combined its news service with its other products as well such as Windows 10 and 11.

This latest service will use the news content of over a thousand news publishers. The giant tech company says that its news service will use the latest development in AI and Machine Learning, joined with human control to provide a custom-made news service. Users will be able to select the dissimilar topics according to their likings. The company has said that the latest product is developed on the company’s bequest with virtual and mobile users’ service like Microsoft Network and Microsoft News.

Although, it will not swap MSN as it will remain accessible even after the inauguration of customized news facility. Users will be able to see the devoted “personalized” button and can filter their feed by showing interest through emoji reactions on specific stories. They will also be able to remove a specific news publisher from their main screen. This latest service will also comprise cards on subjects such as climate, business, and sports, like any professional digital news gateway. The company has also provided the possibility of selecting the info card and any details that you like, for example, if users want to get the climate update of a different city, they can do it.

This will be a free service; users may see some ads highlighted with a green “Ads” insignia to circumvent any confusion when they scroll down their feed. Those users who are exciting to get the experience of this latest service need to download the mobile application or they may go to a separate website.

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