Twitter Tests The Much Awaited In Application Language Change

Over the plethora of applications available on the digital stores, both android, and iOS, mostly operate under the assumption that the default language set by the users in their setting will be the one they would use in their applications. While most apps follow this, there is a subcategory of applications available that ask for a language input while the application is set up or at the sign up page where the app associates the data to a Google or a Facebook account for recovery and linking purposes.

Amongst these applications, there are a very few that deviate from the two kinds mentioned above and provide an option in the application itself to change the language used. This list is exclusive and Twitter has recently churned gears in motion to enter this list by providing the users an option to change their in app language allowing them to have a different language over the phone and different in the application itself.

Reverse Engineering Expert Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots about the concept in his tweet on the platform itself. The tweet consisted of two images accompanied by a short caption highlighting the aspects of the new update that is still waiting to be rolled out to Twitter users across the globe.

The screenshots contained the options in two headings. The first highlighting the preferred language that will be used for the overall application and can be changed in the application. This is the portion that is being updated primarily to accommodate the users with the option to change their language within the app. This preferred language includes the content that will be displayed in the headlines in the application as well as the buttons and other text present in Twitter. Changing this allows to expand towards a more suited language and seems like the right step towards diversifying the content as well as the power of Twitter as a platform by bridging the language gap that exists.

The second option highlights under the other language option that presents the user to add a language in which they would like to see more content run under the algorithm and things that are trending. This allows users to experience content over two or more demographic regions and is specifically useful for people that follow the geopolitical situation over various countries.

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