According to data these websites experience the most outages

Instagram has had noticeable outages this year and we're not sure if it is because of the load created by the 1.386 billion users or the inadequate surveillance of such a hefty responsibility. A report from the Tool Tester confirmed users' suspicions. According to this report in the social media category, Instagram is ranking first in terms of the most outages.

Tool Tester used data from Downdetector to find out the most internet outages. There were a lot of platforms subjected in this report with the main purpose of finding out which platform was on the top, and not to our surprise, it was Instagram. On the gaming front, we have Discord and Steam being on the top, even before Instagram.

When looking at the number of outages, Instagram has suffered a total of 192 outages while Snapchat and Twitter are not even close. These outages were observed in the US as well as the UK. Snapchat observed a total of 48 outages while Twitter had 54 outages. While the rate should be even lower, it is better than the 192 on our favorite platform.

It is quite astonishing how quickly Instagram managed to recover these without people noticing much or hindering the socializing process. However, it is also quite remarkable how Instagram keeps posting new updates and features with the platform lagging at such an alarming rate.

Although we're not too sure what exactly is causing these outages, could be the absence of a proper system, excessive usage, or being overloaded, what we do know is that Instagram does need to solve this issue as soon as possible. Below Instagram was YouTube, Microsoft teams, and Xbox, followed by multiple other platforms. The social media platforms, however, following Instagram were Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook in their iris respective manners.

Instagram also showed an outage not too long ago, about two weeks back, which set social media addicts on the edge of their seats. The outage caused hindrance in the messaging process and disturbed story uploads. The problem was acknowledged widely where users took to Twitter to complain and even got a hashtag trending, '#instagramdown'.

Back in August, Twitter also faced a rather huge outage, one which had to be publicly addressed to keep users calm and at bay. The issue at the time was mainly targeting Canada and some parts of the US. The outage lasted for an hour and a half at max and service was quickly restored afterwards.
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