Instagram tests an improved comment controls section and a new unanswered inbox filter

Our favorite apps reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, introduces us to new updates that are currently under consideration at the Instagram Engineers awaiting approval for beta testing and will be rolled out after taking into consideration the response of the audience. With that in mind, all updates mentioned below are under works and even though we are ever more hopeful for these to be true, they should be taken with a grain of salt as Alessandro introduces through back door reverse engineering and is not an official communicative authority representing the tech firms.

However, the updates are all the more interesting and something that users will be eager to use while scrolling through Instagram. The first of the two updates revolves around an additional filter in the Direct Messages option alongside the existing chat filters of Unread, Flagged, Close Friends, and Verified Accounts.

The new filter that goes by as Unanswered highlights the chats that have been read by the user applying the filter but have not responded to the chat. This is specifically important in situations where a mistap can create communication problems as social media applications are the most prominent and widely used sources of all forms of personal and professional communication. This new filter is actively in line for the users to reap benefit from and as soon as it is released, it is expected to get good numbers in return for Instagram.

The second update being developed by Instagram brings to the limelight the most prominent problems faced by creators and influencers online. With much hate being spread in the comment sections for all users to read, it has to be taken into consideration that these acts can be run under anonymous user accounts and pose a serious problem to the mental health of not only already established personalities but up and coming influencers as well. In order to make Instagram and better and safe space for all users, the company has proposed several comment control solutions. Some of these controls prevent new users to comment on the posts for up to a maximum of a week, depending on what the user selects.

All these options are available to users in the detailed section for their Instagram, however, recognizing the need for quick actions against hate and rage mobs, Instagram has provided the users with shortcuts to these features with just an option window available in the comments. An update that might not feel too significant but can sometimes save users by a huge margin.

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