Twitter is working on two new features, “Adaptive Images” and “Playback Speed”

Twitter always tries to bring some exciting features so that it can give a better experience to millions of users across the world. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi who is a leaker and a mobile app developer has tweeted that the platform is working on two options at the same time. When people watch videos on YouTube, the platform provides an option of Playback speed to its users so that they can change the speed of a video from 0.5x to 2.0x. Adopting that strategy, Twitter is also working on the same option on its platform. It will provide people a possibility to slow down a video and audio if they want to focus on a specific part or they can also play the content at double speed as well.

Many people on social media platforms do not watch the entire video, either they want to skip the video to the specific parts or they want to watch such videos with a faster speed. Users will have 4 options to change the playback speed i.e. (0.5x, Normal, 1.5x, 2.0x).

As per Paluzzi discover, Twitter is also working on an adaptive images option. Some users do not have a stable internet connection so it becomes difficult to load the image when having a problem with the internet. The platform will soon provide an option to its user to load the picture in a low quality even when they are not having an optimal internet speed. However, users will also be able to set this option to “higher quality only”. Other platforms like YouTube also provide this option in videos as when users do not have stable internet, the video still runs on a lower quality. But still, users have the advanced option to set the video quality at a higher level. Soon users will have the ability to watch images even if they do not have a stable internet connection.

Twitter has already provided the possibility to its users to load the image up to 4K. The “load the high-quality image” is not strictly linked to the adaptive image since it also appears when the data saver is activated. However, this feature will be available to Android users in the near future as iOS users are already enjoying this option.

The leaker has also shared the screenshots of these upcoming options so that everybody can see how these options will look like. However, Alessandro has not revealed the exact date for the launch of these two options as they are still in the development stage and will be rolled out soon.

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