Twitter Is Looking Towards Adding In Archived Tweets And Crypto Addresses To Profiles

Twitter is adding a slew of new features to its interface, addressing a range of topics from online security to the further integration of cryptocurrency!

Let's first talk about cryptocurrency. This current form of monetary exchange popularly comes in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once considered a gimmicky trend that will soon go away on it's own, cryptocurrency has against all odds manage to preserve its value; increase it even! With all of this hustle and bustle, naturally some social media platform would wish to capitalize on the cryptocurrency share. For those individuals, Twitter's here with a bit of good news. Twitter's Tip Jar feature, which is a method via which users can tip and support their favorite content creators and influencers, will reportedly start allowing cryptocurrency in the  Tip Jar feature. Screenshots from Alessandro Paluzzi reveal that transactions can be completed in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Twitter has blossomed over the years, going from a virtual podium where users could share very compact written opinions to a massive community, where all forms of ideas and opinions can be discussed. Twitter's even added in the ability to DM specific users, allowing them to privately converse with each other. Now, that very chat feature is receiving a new update. Reported by Jane Manchun Wong, expert social media journalist and leaker, Twitter is looking to add new DM columns to the TwitterDeck interface. There isn't really that much more to the story. It's just a nice, minor tweak that allows users a sense of ease in managing and addressing users that have DM'd them.

Twitter's finally rolling out it's Super Followers feature, adding a level of monetary support for content creators on the platform. Users can subscribe to certain accounts, and receive a bunch of special content in exchange, much like Patreon. However, it's presence on the App Store is a bit odd, while not being particularly worrisome. Each subscription counts as a separate payment on the iOS. Which is a problem, since the iOS allows for no more than 10,000 in-app purchases. Ah well, maybe the earners know best.

Finally, as per Bloomberg, Twitter's looking to work on an archive feature, as well as other miscellaneous, potential features. As reported by Bloomberg, Twitter's devs feel that if a user has no privacy of their own to interact through, then they will naturally not be eager to share more and engage with the platform as a whole. People need a safe space to be truly expressive, and true expression from users is basically Twitter's M.O. The introduction of archived tweets will allow users to delist tweets that they're embarrassed by, while also keeping them as a reminder of times past. Other features listed by Bloomberg include the ability to remove followers, hide what tweets a user's liked, and leave public conversations.

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