Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to eliminate any followers that they don't like

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of active users from all over the world where we encounter different types of people every day. It may happen to you that you do not like any person and you do not even want them to be on your followers’ list. However, it was possible previously to exclude a person, such as, many people used the technique to first block that person from your profile that excludes that person from your followers’ list, and after that, you unblock that person again, but that was a time-consuming process. Now the platform is working on a feature that will allow you to eliminate any person from your followers’ list that you don’t like. As the platform wants to create a safer environment for its audience so this option will definitely help to do so.

Now you can easily maintain a distance from a profile that you do not like on the platform and the good part is, the person that you have removed will not be notified about that exclusion so they cannot make any type of drama that you have expatriated them from your profile. Alessandro Paluzzi who is an app developer and leaker has recently posted some images of this upcoming option that is so far in the development stage. This new option will give you a convenient way to remove anyone from the list, which will stop them to view your posts and tweets; however, they will still be able to view such tweets on the platform and can also follow you again in the future.

This looks from the posted screenshots that users can eliminate the specific persons both from their core feed and from the profile of the users straightly. Sometimes it happens that you do not want to create a mess by blocking any person directly rather you want a less argumentative way to avoid that person so this might be the perfect way for you. If the person that you have removed notices about the elimination from your followers’ list, you can simply give any excuse that this might be an error or something else. This can be a good option for businesses as well as they can also remove those persons who are not helpful at all and that are not going to be a key customer as well. These businesses can now refine their audience to confirm that they are connecting with the right persons on the platform.

This option will provide more control to users as they will be able to retain only those audiences that they like. It is hoped that it will be rolled out soon but the platform has not announced anything about it yet.

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