Twitter finally rolls out Super Follows with a variety of subscription choices

Twitter is one of the most used applications on the platform and the tech giant is always introducing new and unique features every now and then.

Hence, the tech giant as a ritual of developing new and unique features announced a few months back that it is working on 'Super Follows'.

Super Follows feature allows users with greater than 10000 followers to charge their followers a monthly subscription for specific tweets which will only be visible to the subscribed followers. However, nothing more of it was announced and it seemed like it was just under processing that time, but from the current tweet of Jane Manchun Wong it seems like the company is finally done with its work on Super Follows and therefore they officially announced it on Twitter as well.

Jane's screenshot shows various subscriptions prices users can choose between which were 2.99 dollars, 4.99 dollars and 9.99 dollars a month. It is obvious that all these various prices provide different and more improved form of options and features to the users.

Users who subscribe to the new super follows feature will get bonuses and exclusive content from their subscribed tweeter who can also hand out badges to them, which will highlight the fact that they are the subscribed ones.

Subscribed Tweeters in return of all this will be able to make a great amount of revenue, almost up to 97 percent, while the remaining 3 percent will be taken up by Twitter itself as a cutoff after they are done charging the App Stores fees or any other transactional charges. Once any user crosses 500,000 overall revenue through monetization on Twitter, the platform will reduce their revenue percent from 97 to 80 after all the transactional cuts.

Apart from this, Ticketed Spaces are also rolling out along the same time frame in which Spaces host will be able to charge users from 1 dollar to 999 dollars for then to enter a space room conversation.

Twitter has taken some pretty bold steps in helping creators earn through their platform and we cannot wait to see how well will it do with the two new coming features.

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