Twitter is making it more convenient to discover Spaces as it is working on the ability to show persons that you have followed are listening to a Space

It seems like Twitter is now focusing much on Spaces, therefore, it brings exciting features for its users after every month to upsurge its engagement among users. The platform now working on the ability to discover Spaces according to your interests. Soon users will be able to view those persons that they followed are joining the Spaces and if they are attending, they will be shown at the top of their home feed. Initially, the platform used to show merely Spaces from those persons that you have followed are presenting the auditory rooms. But now, users of iOS and Android devices will see the concerned persons when they are joining the Spaces.

To maintain the privacy and safety of its users and the followed persons, the platform has announced that people will be able to adjust their listening activities. If the people are not feeling comfortable in allowing users to track their attendance in Space, they can simply turn the option off to “allow users to view which Spaces you are currently joining” by going to the settings and then the privacy option in the menu bar. This will surely help to increase the privacy of users and at the same time, it will also help to boost engagement. One thing must be kept in mind that if people have turned off the option, it will still not conceal their existence in the Spaces, even if they are present in the room, users will be allowed to view persons they have followed are present.

The platform is putting more effort to make Twitter Spaces easier to find, for instance, during the prior week it made it more convenient for other applications to mark Spaces. The platform is enduring to repeat on the capability to be in Spaces, such as it introduced the possibility for presenters to elect up to 2 co-presenters a few weeks ago. However, the platform has not proclaimed the exact date when users will be able to enjoy this option, but it is hoped that it will be rolled out soon. Twitter has also encouraged people to give their thoughts about the upcoming feature so that it can make necessary additions as per the requirement of users.

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