Twitter Is Introducing Ticketed Spaces To iOS Users, Granting Content Creators A Monetization Space

This week, Twitter tweeted that it is finally kicking off its Ticketed Spaces feature, with iOS users being first in line to try it out.

Spaces has been one of Twitter's many attempts at keeping the audio post conversations as relevant in the modern landscape as possible. Podcasts and the like are incredibly popular nowadays, with many applications having dedicated spaces for them. Popular examples are Spotify and iTunes, which have entire libraries chock full of them. The appeal's also very easy to grasp. Podcasts cover any number of fictional or non-fictional topics that draw a person's fancy. As opposed to their predecessors, radio shows, they can be paused and played at the individual's whims. Podcasts also invite a lot of active debate and discourse, which makes them interesting.

Twitter's Spaces feature decides to combine podcasts with live-streaming. What that means is that certain users can now have entire conversations on their topics of choice, with any number of Twitter users joining in and leaving as they please. Spaces also has a rather nuanced interface, allowing users to control the influence of hosts and listeners to whatever degree they prefer. If a person's going live via Spaces, their profile picture lights up to display as such. This particular feature very closely matches the profiles of Instagram users whenever one of them goes live. Either way, Spaces is a great addition to Twitter's interface, and may see great success ahead.

So, what do Ticketed Spaces have to do with this? Ticketed Spaces, henceforth referred to as TS within this article, is an addition to Spaces. It essentially creates an opportunity for Twitter's userbase to benefit from the usage of Spaces, effectively monetizing the time and effort invested. Much like normal Spaces, TS can be scheduled, have multiple hosts, and so on. But they can only be accessed if an individual has bought the ticket beforehand. TS is a great opportunity for many Twitter users, allowing them an easily accessible revenue stream.

To start off, only iOS users will be able to purchase tickets. Naturally, Android will soon be joining the fray. As it stands, users have to apply to be eligible for making TS in the first place. The criteria for application includes being over eighteen, having made three Spaces in the past, and having a minimum of 1,000 followers. Twitter will take 3% of a user's cut, with Apple taking 30% as part of their in-app purchase fee. This leaves the content creator with 67% of their generated revenue.

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