Twitter Cracks Down On The Negativity Shown By Replies On The Platform

Twitter has been the breeding ground of all forms of positive and negative attention through and through. With the power of toppling down governments to keyboard activists luring on the platform, the social media giant has seen everything there is from the day of its inception back in 2007. Since then, Twitter has worked across the board with its development team and cracked down in every possible way at the negativity of this platform. There has been several updates initiated by the departments associated to crack down and recently there were a few updates in regards to the replies option available at the social media platform.

Twitter has always been pro active in order to prevent the problematic replies that users often get on their platforms and now it has initiated by providing the users with the options that give the permission to be interceptive in preventing the negative replies from proceeding head first.

The very first thing implemented by the tools is providing a way that allows the users to have their posts being replied negatively filtered, whereas the second feature permits the users to limit potentially unwelcome accounts that can be shortlisted to deactivate it. Twitter Senior Product Designer Paula Barcante decided to release a short run for all users to get an idea about what is coming their way with everything.

Barcante reaffirmed that this option will be extended to all users in a way that Twitter will provide the users to permit their controls over to allow them to keep the filter on.

The deal allows that if the filter is switched on by the user, it will have the response being prevented from posting on the platform and the user that has been blocked by the filter based on the negative tweets or negative notation fulled tweets by the Artificial Intelligence. Certain accounts that have repeatedly decided to diminish the platform’s positivity are no longer able to reply even if the user has specifically not blocked the offender but there is some problems.

There is just one mention in the hindsight for the offensive replies would not be entirely accurate as the entire process will be worked forward by an artificial intelligence and machine learning systems at the headquarters. However, it can be taken with a pinch of salt as this is only a new concept and something to soon roll out by Twitter and therefore can have several new groundbreaking updates to pair this up and get it on with the accuracy expectations.

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