Is The Internet Really The Free Internet Or Have Governments Put Down The Handle

The world wide web might not be global at all as there have been major censorship instances over the past years that have called the governments into action for the users to have a crack down on it. This presents the query that there is a lot of trouble for the governments to keep a track of all that is legal and illegal activities over on the internet presenting significant manpower and cyber security calls for the users to have to work it over through.

The problems of the lack of freedom have gone through with the users and indicated an all time low for the last 11 years for these. This came from a report initiated by the Freedom House named as the Freedom On The Internet released during the year of 2021. The report shows that government intervention and freedom of the users has lowered this year by a greater margin than ever before. From the 70 nations that were part of the survey, an approximately 69% of the nations were heavily involved with legal and administrative action by compromising the freedom and rights of the users and their privacy by practitioning on them.

However, several of these actions were heavily involved with illegal practices and cracking down on negligence on behalf of everyone involved. The president of the Freedom House, Michael J. Abramowitz explained that the rights and regulations that are granted by chapters and chapters of free internet, freedom of speech and security of privacy are often and frequently violated as a result of the actions and silences of the countries.

He further went on to state that these countries have been using the technological prowess at times for all the wrong reasons. While the correct answer reflects on strongly arming their own country and progressing the right way, the countries have often initiated in cracking down on other countries and in attempts to find ways to incriminate what is often innocent.

On the top of the list was China and it was something that had been expected as it has been going on for the past 7 years, the United States also barred in at the 5th highest decline in internet freedom in the survey. However, there is some hope as the report highlighted the efforts taken by the Biden administration might significantly change this downfall and is something that will be carefully highlighted in the next version of the report. Take a look at below charts for more insights: 
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