Twitter Throws Its First Hands By Increasing The Quality Of The Videos It Plays

While the social media applications have been progressing in terms of their ability to keep up with the developments of mobile phone devices and the things that produce a better than real life stimulation. With the new iPhones and 3D imaging devices going across and over the platform, Twitter had to move in action and they already did so with images that have better quality than ever before, however, the video department was still running short on pixels and the departments across the board were not doing anything. Not only that, the users were running thin on patience and the demand to have a better quality video server was reaching an all time high calling on for Twitter to immediately take that action as soon as possible.

However, this week the wait finally ended and Twitter took a step in the right direction over for the improvement of videos as it released a tweet from its support account on the platform itself. The tweet mentioned about the pixelation issue that had been rampant on Twitter being looked into and being resolved to a significant level.

The social media giant informed media outlets that the pre-processing of the video that was the primary reason for the fall had been removed and was no longer in action. The process that used to split the video into smaller chunks caused the video quality to fall and thus stopping this process prevented the fall from happening in the first place.

The social media feature protege cracked down on the news. Jane Manchun Wong uploaded a video, however, there was no difference to which Twitter responded that the feature has only been expanded to videos released on by the user's phone and the Twitter Media Studio from which Jane uploaded.

With others jumping in, there was little improvement to the quality however, it was not as significant as it was made to be causing not only turmoil but an action that might prompt Twitter to just proceed in an attempt to save face and nothing else.

Twitter has moved on to say that it would put in more effort for better video quality and the future will be non pixelated with high graphic settings. All that is left is wait on the sidelines and wait for Twitter to claim and test for the improvement the next time it launches the series of improvements.

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