YouTube Studio now shows handy insights about hashtags when you are putting it up on the description box

YouTube has been one of the leading video watching and uploading platform on the planet and gives a lot of users the freedom to be creative with their videos and the same time gives the other half a great place to watch video content.

The tech giant has launched a number of platforms other than its main YouTube channel which in terms are related to its main channel and one of these affiliated platforms is YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio is the best thing that has been launched for creators. The platform allows users to check your channel's growth, interact with audience and schedule your uploads all in one place.

While the platform provides the above mentioned purposes, there is something new that has made its appearance on YouTube Studio.

Previously when users used to put up hashtags in the description of their videos, the hashtags were the only thing that appeared. However, in the updated version of YouTube Studio on both iOS and Android it has recently been observed that now when users/creators put up a hashtag in the description videos, the platform also starts showing you that on how many other videos or channels the same hashtag has been used.

This will help years put up hashtags that are used on the famous videos of the same category you've made content on or in some cases users can try and use a unique hashtag of their own. Both these factors will help their videos be found more easily.

In short, this will help users specially the newer ones to gain a sense of which hashtags will help them with growth/reach and which will not.

The appearance of this new feature was mentioned by Yasser Masood who often posts insights related to technology and many users under the post claimed to have seen this feature in the last week or so. This means that the feature has been launched for a number of users worldwide.

YouTube is doing great work and the new updates are showing some spectacular results. The tech giant is not someone that stays still and we are sure it already has a bunch if new feature planned for its users and we cannot wait to see when will they be launched.

H/T: @MattNavarraYasser Masood

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