Statista Global Consumer Survey shows how vastly the use of tech devices has increased within US, UK and Germany

The pandemic brought with itself a number of days (read: months) of staying at home and considering how this is the 21st century and we have been greatly exposed to the inventions of gadgets and mobile applications, that was the number one thing people spent their most times on because any form of outdoor leisure activities was banned. Upon all this, schools and offices shifted to the personal and comfort-ness of homes and were conducted through laptops and other gadgets which ultimately increased the usage of the devices even more.

However, while in the start of the pandemic, the concerns of children using too much gadgets and limiting their screen time were raised, considering how harmful too much exposure to these devices are for the minds of young, the concerns are now flooding in for the adults as well.

A survey from Statista Global Consumer showed that the people within the United States had started spending a major part of their day in front of screen whether it be for work or just social media scrolling and only 17 percent of the population were managing control on their screen time. 22 percent users within the US spent almost the whole day on their phones, 28 percent spent more than half their day, 30 percent less than half a day while 17 percent claimed to have spent very little time. 5 percent said that they did not know on average how much time they spent using devices!

Apart from this, while UK and Germany are known to be two countries in which people have the most control on their screen times, the lockdowns and pandemic has also made them go off track. The survey report showed that in UK and Germany respectively, 14 and 12 percent users spent almost the whole day on their phones, 28 and 24 percent spent more than half their day, 39 and 42 percent less than half a day and 18 and 19 percent spent very little time.

The usage of tech devices has greatly increased during this lockdown and while these inventions are a great way to spend free time on, we all should consider the impacts these devices have on people in the long run when they are excessively used and hence we all should try and limit the use of the devices.

Use them for work, and a bit in your free time, and try picking up some other activities that you can do in your house in the remaining time. If you with family, board games and spending time together without your phones will help and if you live along, exercise or cooking maybe a good time pass. These would be fun and beneficial as well as keep you away from your tech device.

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