TikTok shared new guides and resources to support the community’s well-being, and extenuate mental health issues and eating disorders

TikTok like any other social media platform has a great influence on its viewers and have an access to millions of screens, and so this factor has been used as a way to support its community’s well-being.

TikTok has always tried to promote positive content and encouraged the content initiated for the awareness regarding the issues of suicide, self-harm, and health & fitness by providing a platform to the people whose personal experiences can be helpful to those who might be dealing with the same problems.

The well-being guides have been announced at its safety center.

TikTok in association with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Butterfly Foundation, and Bodywhys has introduced new well-being guides.

National Eating Disorders Association reports that about 70 million people are suffering from eating disorders globally. A survey by NEDA says, about 20 million of women and 10 million men in America suffers from eating disorders at some point in their life.

The NEDA praises the efforts that have been initiated by TikTok of announcing a well-being guide as a tool to tackle the issues related to bad eating habits and eating disorders. This will not only aid and boost its community but also promote awareness regarding these issues and their treatment.

TikTok expands its well-being guide by covering the awareness of methods to cure anxiety and stress.

TikTok has joined hands with The Crisis Text Line, Live for Tomorrow, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Samaritan of U. K. and Singapore, with a motive to help and comfort the people struggling with stress, anxiety, suicidal & self-harm thoughts.

The videos and content will be available, sharing their personal experiences of how they combated with the issues like self-harm and suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and related issues by giving the impression, they are not alone going through this.

The information related to these serious treatable illnesses has been made easily accessible to the people by presenting the videos from creators, as a source of awareness and guidance on such platform which is so popular among people around the world.

The Crisis Text Line will provide 24/7 free access to crisis counseling for those who want to combat their crisis and problems with the assistance of The Crisis Text Line via text.

TikTok took the additional step and initiated the details of well-being guides to make it convenient for people to find a source that can help them to manage their anxiety when they need them on TikTok. It will aid them in distressing in the shape of entertainment, as TikTok always looks for new ways to improve one's well-being.

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