Instagram rolls out ‘Map Search’ that will make it convenient for users to find the location and information of businesses within the app

Instagram wants to make its platform a hub for businesses; therefore, it is consistently introducing different types of features to increase the businesses activities on the platform. Recently, the social network has rolled out ‘Map Search’ in the country of Australia and New Zealand. This will make it convenient for users to find the location, details, and the tagged post of people to that locality. It will also help the users to connect with businesses through this platform.

Those users who have the availability of this feature will see the map sign on the upper side of the discovery tab. By tapping on that option, users will get the view of the latest ‘Map Search’. It will also outline the various cafeterias, hotels, outlets, and much more. When you click on any of the location signs, it will inflate and will show comprehensive information about the area of the business.

For the brands, it will include the working hours, price details, place, and profile link, and the related post marked with that area. However, businesses have not revealed the pricing details on the platform so far. It might be created into the businesses' profile on the application. Instagram will give the opportunity to businesses to choose the price range for their products. For cafeterias and restaurants, that price will be demonstrated for each meal. For entertainment businesses such as cinemas, it will show the amount of the ticket. There is no doubt that this new inclusion will boost the connection among the businesses, users, and the platform as well.

The platform has already introduced many other features including in-stream outlets, advertising options that will help businesses to grow on the platform. According to Instagram, more than two hundred million businesses are working through the platform each month. There are over a billion monthly active users on the platform and 90% of them are following minimum one brand. The latest possibility is quite similar to the feature of maps on Snapchat that works nearly in the identical way. Snapchat included that feature on the platform in the month of July this year as ‘My Places’.

Instagram is also bringing back the option of location stories. The public stories that have tagged that place will also show on the map in the form of a curvy picture and the colored circle on it. You can also click on that, and then you can also see the public stories of the people through that particular location. The platform terminated the location stories feature during the last quarter of the prior year due to elections in American so that the platform can control the dissemination of misleading information.

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