A patent for the synopsis of designs and future strategies regarding the AR featured smart glasses, smart gloves and other accessories by Facebook is out now

Facebook's patent for the most anticipated Augmented reality (AR) based smart glasses, smart gloves and other accessories is here, giving us an overview of the details for products with numerous fantastic revelations.

Earlier the Facebook announced its launch of the smart glasses in co-operation with Ray Ban, which was of no less than any other smart product having remarkable features example: the ability to capture and record, the five megapixel camera, etc. but lacking the AR feature.

Now they have come up with the launch of these new AR capable products, including head bands, neck bands, wrist bands waist belt etc. in order to offer better experience to their users.

In a recent blog post, Facebook reality labs, says the motive behind is to merge the real world with the virtual one to present the better life. The smart glass will have a capability of sharing the required data and information, updating one with its battery life, internet and calling info.

The new patent provides description about the capabilities and features of the smart glasses and other accessories including wrist bands which they named as (Wearable Electronic Devices and Extended Reality Systems including Neuromuscular Sensors), sensor patches, and neck bands etc.

The devices have been designed to provide a better quality service to the customers which they call the first step towards their vision. The wrist bands, neck bands, head bands, sensor patches and gloves are certainly proposed to give better experience by using certain temperature, vibratory force, auditory effects altogether. The use of smart glasses along with other products like waist belts, head bands and pinch like gloves, will give a quality experience.

The sensor patches are placed on some specific parts and areas of the body that helps the device to send data in order to perform properly.

Apart from these accessories, the Facebook patent also announced the launch of the other artificial reality systematic goods example : seating, wearable bodysuits and rugs to provide better flexibility and sensory effects. These products are made of techniques that identify and catches the neuromuscular signals from our brain and use them in the performance of actions in Augmented reality and artificial reality environment.

They aims to transform the way people connect with each other by simply providing an opportunity to experience a better virtual environment. These devices tends to aid us share, interact and live independently in digital world.
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