TikTok's "average user watch hour" time is growing as compared to YouTube, posing the Google-owned video platform some real threat

TikTok once again surpasses YouTube in yet another report by App Annie. This time around, TikTok has the milestone of having users watch more content than users watch on YouTube.

When centering the survey on only the US for now, we came to realize that the US users watch 24 hours of TikTok content monthly while when observing users of YouTube, the content got watched for 22 hours and 40 mins. Although the difference isn't huge, considering TikTok was only born yesterday when compared to YouTube, we surely see great potential.

When talking about the UK, the difference isn't as slight. Instead there is a huge difference between the hours users spend on YouTube vs on TikTok. TikTok content is watched for 26 hours per month while YouTube content is watched for only 16 hours or less. Now this is what we call a huge difference and this is certainly a great achievement for the short video platform.
TikTok surpasses YouTube in US for average watch hours
TikTok surpasses YouTube in UK for average watch hours

This report, although represents a great majority, isn't entirely representative of the global community. Since it only comprises Android users, we cannot be too sure of the results however the difference still remains remarkable. The reason for this difference in popularity can also be a result of the difference in the length of the video. Since YouTube has videos preferably of 10 minutes or more, it is natural that users might feel like they have watched quite a lot when streaming through barely 6 videos. While on TikTok, the videos are 3 minutes long maximum which is why time passes quickly. Since there is a new concept every 3 minutes or so, there is a higher possibility of getting hooked on quickly, which results in losing track of time.

YouTube still does remain on the top however, as seen by its two billion users. While TikTok is rising and advancing rather quickly, it still stays behind since it has only managed to acquire around 700 million users to date. Furthermore, this figure includes both, users from iOS and Android and users from the Chinese renamed TikTok platform.

Moreover, YouTube hasn't lost its title of being the most watched platform on Android amongst all the social and entertainment applications. YouTube is followed by Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram which then allows TikTok to be in fifth position. While TikTok may have lagged behind in this race, we surely do know that TikTok does pose a potential threat to all other platforms, particularly YouTube. This can be observed by the launch of a YouTube version of TikTok going by the name 'Shorts'. We do believe the initiative to be great however we believe sticking to your roots might get you a more distinct name and identity.

The debate for origin versus diversity remains to be discussed for another time. For now, we're focused on the competition between YouTube and TikTok, eager to see who outwins the other.

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