iPhone users are taking longer when it comes to adopting the latest version of the Apple operating system that is iOS 15

In June 2021 Apple announced the latest version of iOS 15 which was launched on 20 September 2021. After a couple of days of its release, a report was published by Mixpanel, which shows the acceptance rate of the latest iOS 15 is quite lower than the adoption rate of the iOS 14 in first few days. In the figures, the downloading ratio of iOS 14 was over 32% (around after a first week of its launch back in 2020) whereas the ratio of iOS 15 is way more slow, that is 11% after a week of its public release. iOS 14 went viral right after it was launched, and was a massive triumph of Apple with its great acceptance rate.

One must keep in mind that this estimation of iPhone operating system acceptance rate has been made by Mixpanel is fundamentally based on the number of visits that have been made to the sites and apps using the mobile software development tool's analytics.

Apple has not officially disclosed yet, how many of the users have installed this latest version of iOS 15.

The reasons that can justify the operating system's lower acquiring rate, the users who still have not updated the iOS 14.8 version will find it striking, to have it's an option on the above of the iOS 15 in the settings, apart from this users can continue with the iOS 14 with its 14.8 version that enables the user to continue to adopt the major security patches.

Another justification that can be made is the iPhone users were quite eager to get to know about the latest version, and the abilities like eliminating the apps from screens without deleting them, icon customization, and adding widgets on screens. Whereas some big traits were delayed like share play, which enables the user to play songs, watch videos and shows, and have video calls at the same time. This multitasking makes iOS 15 preferable in this fast-driving modern world. iPhone 11 users or newer will have the access to track their phones while even when they are turned off, this will facilitate the users to reach their phones even when they have been robbed. Apart from these traits, the focus mode feature allows its users, depending on what they are doing at that time, to choose

What do they want to focus on which is the most significant modification that have been made by Apple.
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