Clubhouse joins the TikTok and YouTube Shorts Club By Introducing Clips

Alessandro Paluzzi is the reverse engineering savant that brings the global internet community their favorite updates across the board. With Clubhouse attempting to land its standing in the social media market with its new and innovative techniques, however, there is little innovation as the most recent of these updates seems to be of less credibility because it feels like a copy of YouTube Shorts or TikTok Videos ever so often seen on the pages. However, there is a little innovation as to the entire concept of briefing as there is a concept of rooms in the entire social media website where there is around a 30 second of any video that can be introduced, edited and shared on the rooms providing increased audience and extremely specific communities and groups that allow the users to be actively involved and provide additional users for the database to clubhouse.

This news was delivered by Alessandro in a tweet assisted with a screenshot of the platform allowing the users to be aware of what they will be seeing on their screens the next time they open the application and are willing to share a 30 second snippet of the video they like for others as the trailer.

Not only has Clubhouse worked on clips but it also has started working on with the new option of wave that allows the rooms present in the meeting to have the users having new access over for the users to initiate conversation fairly easily and more accessible to each other over time. Following the new update, the users have started to be more impressed over if they deny the request, you won’t know about it however, If the users chooses to wave back, the server adds the waver and wave into a private room. What’s more is that it can be extended to anyone who waves back allowing the users to explore more people with similar interests and bring them in a one for all hedge for the taking. This has shown significant increase as indicated by the number of downloads it got on Apple Store and Play Store, as the updates were launched on both the operating systems at the same time.

With Clubhouse gaining more popularity over time with its new updates, it can be said that they will soon have some new and innovative ideas winning over the users across the globe and having them pool in for their seat at the social media giants seat soon enough if things continue like they are.

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