Multi Device 2.0 feature under development, WhatsApp will allow its users to connect phones to devices without internet connection

The digital word is continuously evolving and competition among businesses is increasing tremendously, which affects the social atmosphere both positively and negatively. Since people these days are busier than usual, they try to save time at all costs and companies all around the world try to provide the best and less time consuming alternatives to everything, which includes economic as well as social media platforms.

Although the world's most popular social platforms are owned by Facebook, which keeps all applications up to date.

Being One of the top five social networking applications in the world, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application owned by Facebook that allows its users to send text messages, voice messages, voice calls as well as video calls. It also gives access to its users to exchange photos, videos, documents, live location and contacts with each other. WhatsApp regularly updates the application to make it better for the users in every way possible and WhatsApp does not disappoint its users in this aspect, Recently WhatsApp updated its voice message feature and allowed the users to transcribe the voice note into a text message, making it easier for people to communicate through voice messages. Not only that Whatsapp even added the View once and video messages feature to the application which was a much needed upgrade.

According to sources, WhatsApp is currently working on an upgraded multiple device support feature to allow users to use one account on two or more devices without having to go through the struggle of connecting the mobile application to another device every time you want to switch. WhatsApp earlier this year reformed this feature and allowed the users to use the application on the connected device even when the smartphone's battery is dead. This was a big step by the company, yet they did not stop there and continued working to improve and refurbish the feature in all aspects.

According to the report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has named this updated feature Multi-Device 2.0 and has promised to change the way one uses WhatsApp because you can use the application on non-phone devices without being concerned about battery power or an internet connection. However the feature is still under development, but once it comes out it will change the industry of communication entirely and moreover, it will hopefully benefit the application more than any other feature on it.

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