WhatsApp is experimenting with a cashback option to reward those people who are using its payment service

WhatsApp rolled out the Unified Payment Interface for the first time in Brazil and India to promote shopping and online payment through its channel. WhatsApp does not want to become just a messaging application rather it also wants to increase the money exchanging activities among the people. However, the sources say that only few people in India use UPI to send or receive their money. The recent leaks show that the company is testing the cashback option in the payment method to reward those people in India who are using its payment process. WABetaInfo has highlighted the upcoming feature for the first time; however, it is still in the development phase and is not available so far even on beta version, but it is hoped that it will unveil soon.

The company has made a brilliant strategy to attract more users by giving them financial rewards up to 10 Indian Rupees on every transaction they made. However, there is still not much information about the feature. The leaker of this new option posted a screenshot, which is showing a notice at the top of the chats, to “take the cashback on the next payment” you made. Sources are saying that the testing feature will be available to those who are using the WhatsApp payment process. The users will get the financial reward after forty-eight hours for every transactions they made by using UPI system.

However, it is still not confirmed yet that whether every user who is already using this payment system will get the reward or the new users will receive such prizes. Those people who have never used the WhatsApp payment service ever. It may be possible that the company will clarify it when it will launch the feature in the new update. The company is putting much efforts to boost its payment system amount the users of India. The report says that 92% of the India users do not want to use this payment system because they have a fear of information sharing. This reward system can be an effective way to grab customers.

The company will also announce after finalizing the development that what will be the minimum transaction price that you have to make to get the reward. The company will roll out this new feature in the Android devices first, and it will further enhance it to iOS users later.

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