Where Does The Future Of Paid Apps Leave Us As Every 8 In 10 Apps Are Free In The Google And Apple Stores

With the global community making its move towards a digital world aligning perfectly with the users and their needs of application. With the Apple Store and Google Play Store leading the market with an estimated sum of around 5 million applications online and running including those that are free of cost, paid and those that are subjected to in app purchases for further features or accessories to be unlocked.

While the number of free apps triumphs those that are paid by a significant margin, the existence of payment upfront applications seems redundant and the numbers support the notion as in both of the prominent stores across the board, the number is significantly low and only occurs at most for some business solutions.

For the Apple iOS store, from the 1.8 million applications posted, there are only a measly a hundred thousand that are required for payment upfront across the globe amounting to merely just 6% of all applications.

The rival Play Store although has a significantly higher number of applications, the ratios are almost the same. With Google Play Store boasting around 4 million applications and just about an estimate of 4% of these being paid amounting to around 150 thousand applications across the board.

However, it is to be noted that these numbers represent the applications that present payment before the user. There are certain applications and companies that provide payment post application use, at the end of the free period or to unlock the addons in the application. Needless to say, the percentage of applications is reflective of the increasing competition and the necessity to monetize more and more presents significant backing to the 13% of the applications on the Apple Store and 7% on the Google Play Store.

But it is to be noted that this number and the number of applications asking for payment has significantly fallen down as more and more applications are turning to advertisements for a steady stream of monetary revenue. Another way that reputable companies are generating revenue is by using the information on the applications for more accurate ad campaigns and the most popular of these are Facebook and all of its inquisition alongside with Google.

Many of the developers are moving towards this, and there are almost none that regret the shift from their method of payment. Not only has it become extremely profitable but also provides a sense of superiority amongst the competition as the product thus being an amazing source of revenue and comfort for both the parties involved.

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