Google Chrome Is Adding A Website Specific Auto-Dark Feature For Android Users

Google is working on allowing users of the Chrome browser for Android to darken their screens for specific websites, reports Leo Varela.

The ability to darken screen is a feature that's already present, and indeed widely used, on the popular browser across Android devices. However, the feature was previously nonspecific or non-customizable, and would apply itself to all available websites. This is naturally just a little bit more undesirable than having full control of which site should be darkened and which shouldn't. If a site's layout is already rather bleak, for lack of a better word, then Auto-Dark will only prove to make the website all the more illegible. Again, the feature itself is still very useful to anyone who doesn't want to have a full blown migraine when using their phone, but more control goes a long way.

Apparently, Google and the devs behind the Chrome browser understand this, since they're now working towards allowing website specific Auto-Dark. The presence of this new feature was noted via Chrome Canary, a test version of future Chrome updates and interface tweaks. By accessing website settings on the current build of Canary, the Auto-Darken web content feature can be accessed and enabled or disabled accordingly. Not only can the currently browsed site be darkened, however, but via the feature, other websites that users would like to darken can be pre-emptively added to a list as well.

Other than just manually entering websites that need to be auto-darkened, Chrome though its Site Settings will also offer users the option to do so whenever visiting a website. This will manifest itself in the form a new option in the themes settings, whenever a new website is visited that is on its default settings. The option, however, must be enabled from settings in the first place.

Naturally, since the feature is a part of Canary, expect some bugs with its workings. Chrome Canary presents very early builds of features that don't often make it onto the browser proper in months worth of time. Some websites won't Auto-Darken, the checkbox won't show up, and so on. All that's left for the feature to be fully completed is for it to make it onto the actual browser itself. While it's currently projected to only appear across Android screens, hopefully we'll be seeing website specific Auto-Dark on both iOS and desktops soon. If you are interested in trying this feature just enable this flag chrome://flags/#darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting and you'll notice a nice option in the menu and the Site Settings tab. From there you can adjust them as per your preferences. 

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