Microsoft with its increasing interest in the video creation industry buys web video editor Clipchamp

Well, computers and software have really changed the ways we perform different tasks and now tech related companies strive to make the tasks on computers even more easier. Tech companies over the past few years have come out with products and tools that cancel out the need of specialization in a certain field and makes it easy for any individual to perform a task that once required weeks of training. To make these applications even more easier, developers have now started to launch them on the web thus increasing accessibility, ‘Canva’ a graphic design web application is an example, since it makes it easy for any individual to design basic things without the need of specialized graphic applications.

Another recent example of a company creating a product that eliminates the need of specialization is ‘Clipchamp’ which is a web application that allows its users to easily create and edit videos. The tech giant ‘Microsoft’ saw in ‘Clipchamp’ a huge potential and went onto acquire the company. Microsoft while announcing about the acquisition of Clipchamp said that it bought the platform because it offers both the simplicity of a web application and the ability to render video clips using not only the computer’s but also its GPU’s power thus making it the first of its kind.

Clipchamp which was created in 2013, knew that a lot of creators that don’t have their experience around specialized computer applications lack the ability to compile, make or edit a decent video thus it came up with the Clipchamp and targeted it towards people that were not related to the field of video editing or lacked the creative abilities to edit a video on different software. Clipchamp said that its mission is to make video creation easier.

With an excellent product and a rightly targeted market, Clipchamp saw gradual success over the past few years however the company wasn’t really blowing up. The blowup finally came and it sure was a grand one, the blowup was caused by the sudden rise of TikTok and other short video formatted applications whose creators turned towards Clipchamp so that they can edit their videos much better. Following this Clipchamp growth started going off charts, the company now has a user base of around 17 million users. While these sure are good numbers, what’s even better than this is Clipchamp’s adoption rate, which is around 54 percent per year thus proving that Clipchamp will eventually see more growth.

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