Facebook in collaboration with Ray-Ban previews its latest smart Eyeglasses before the preliminary launch

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Facebook announced that the upcoming product release will be a pair of smart eyeglasses; however, he did not unveil the exact date at that time. These smart eyeglasses may not be completely working as Augmented Reality glasses. Now the time has come to turn the previous announcement into the news of actual release as Facebook is planning to roll out the new wearable after AR glasses in collaboration with the leading company in the premium eyewear market “Ray-Ban” at the end of this week. Ray-Ban displayed an advertising page with the date “09-09-2021” as an outline of a pair of eyeglasses, including the context of ‘signing up for getting the notice of the launch’. However, the outline on the promotional page of Ray-Ban does not clearly show that whether that news was for the introduction of a product or it is the launch itself.

The homepage of Ray-Ban also claims that people may want to follow this story. This announcement concurs with some seeming trailer videos from the CEO of the tech giant Facebook and Andrew Bosworth, the head of VR/AR. That video clip is shown from the perspective of Mark Zuckerberg and Bosworth, in which the CEO of the company is paddling the small boat and Andrew is playing golf. This was intended to climax physically active and all-season situations.

This eyewear will be able to capture the actual view of what are you seeing from your eyes that you can also upload and share on social platforms later. It is interesting to see that Ray-Ban has brilliantly inserted the camera feature into an amazing design. This eyewear is included in the platform’s creativity to make such types of glasses that augmented the ecosphere imaginably and audibly. But they will not have the possibility that is attached with AR eyewear, for instance, you can project the picture into the environment through AR eyeglasses.

However, the longer-term plan of the platform is to make these latest glasses compatible with AR technology. The platform was very near to that phase but at the start of this year, Andrew wanted to displeasure this hope by mentioning that the preliminary form of these eyeglasses will not be armed with AR technology. People should also keep in mind that this product will also bring some privacy backlash, as the platform will be able to get the data of what people are viewing and it will further record the videos without informing people and will use it for its own purposes. These may all be rumors but the platform should be ready to get the criticism as well.

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