Mark Zuckerberg takes a stand to defend the image of its social network by pushing a new initiative to show pro-Facebook tales to users

The CEO of Facebook has recently signed a new initiative to show people pro-Facebook tales in the news feed, as reported by the NYT. The basic purpose of approving this project is to defend the image of the platform. The name of this new initiative is Project Amplify and it was suggested by the executives of the platform during the start of this year so that it can present positive tales to the users on their News Feed. There were many accusations on the Facebook such as spreading misleading info, hate speech, and leakage of the personal data of users, etc. that were damaging the reputation of the social network all over the world. In response to the data leaks, the platform’s PR policies have become impenitent during the last couple of months. This includes a deferring report that says that the most famous post on Facebook in the first quarter of this year comprises misleading data regarding corona vaccination.

When the CEO of the platform personally approved this initiative, the platform started experimenting with the modifications in 3 different cities with the help of an instrument called Quick Promote. The Times stated that it will be the first time that the platform will try to present the posts and some of them have been written by the platform. However, there will be no changes in the News Feed statuses. This experiment is merely an informational element in the News Feed. The representative of the platform says that this project will be quite alike to the company responsibility creativities that people perceive in many technologies and customers’ items as well.

The Times also stated that some of the executives of the platform suggested to Mark Zuckerberg in January that there is a need to protect the image of the platform aggressively. But this new project has stunned some in presence. The representative of the platform Joe Osborned disproved the report of The Times magazine related to the conference in January. The representative said in tweets that people need to know the actions the platform is taking to solve matters. The platform wants to share such steps with the whole public. The executives of the platform are hopeful that these initiatives will help the platform to win the support of users and to cope with the criticisms that the platform has faced.

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