Google Search App adds a new option to its Android Settings in the form of ‘Personal Results’

Google is constantly working towards improving its feature so that it's easier for people to search results. The search giant has brought about some amazing news. Starting from this week, Google Search app is rolling out a 'Personal Results' option for Android users.

This new feature will contain many advantages and sub features which will make searching and surfing the web pretty easy for the Android users. How is that?

Well, to start off the personal result feature has a ‘hide explicit results’ feature which will automatically hide some searches that the users have made.

Second of all the best sub feature that the personal results offer is the ability to show results based on information from your Google account.

The feature will collect your data and then based on that information will help you show some personal results which will align with your requirement and preferences.

The option will give users the ability to continue their search from where they left off through the autocomplete prediction in the search history. It can provide users restaurant and places to visit recommendations based on the information it will collect from their Google accounts and it will provide flight details and directions and areas near you from your Maps and Gmail information.

All these results appear on the top of the webpage before the normal web links listing and the tech giant notifies the users that the following links are only visible to them because it is based on their collected information.

However, while a lot of people are privacy conscious and will not like this new option, because of the information that is being collected. The tech giant gives them a way out as well.

The option is found under the search setting bar and users who do not like it can disable and enable them as per their choice.

Google is doing pretty well with all its new updates and tools and we cannot wait to see what else does it has in store for us.

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