Facebook in response to the allegations by a journal, published a report addressing their efforts against privacy and security challenges

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Facebook published a newsroom post to highlight its new progress report over privacy and security issues, how they are coping up with them, and how the WSJ overlooked the crucial context.

Facebook in a new response to the journal, published a report on its blog optimistically recasts the proclamations, manifesting the productive measures taken by them.

While acknowledging their operations, the company claimed to have 40,000 employees working specifically in the security and privacy division which have been increased as per the promise to increase them in double.

According to another claim, Facebook has invested more than $13 billion dollars, since 2016 on its security system and crew.

Facebook states that their upgraded artificial intelligence systems aid them in improving their services, including the removal of racists and hate speeches that pollutes these social media platforms and oversteps standards of Facebook and Instagram, and barred around 3 billion fake accounts the current year.

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Facebook says that they have upgraded in many significant sectors, specifically named privacy and security, and has altered many things by putting on many measures in upgrading its safety and privacy system to provide a better security service to its users saying, while the world has changed, so has Facebook.

Facebook claims that they have fundamentally altered their approach.

They further said that during the development procedure, they did not recognize the privacy issues and challenges earlier. But recently they have made good progress and improvements in some particular areas.

Lately, they are rooting their crews to focus precisely on privacy and safety matters directly enabling them to work on these issues during the product development procedure.

Facebook is also taking strict measures against the circulation of misinformation and false news on its platform. They are now working actively on the aspect of combating false news and some of their accomplishments include the elimination of rumors during a covid-19 pandemic via the Facebook platform which has been alleged by the journal.

Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs Facebook came forward, negate the accusations in a blog post on the 18th of September.

Facebook further revealed their plans for the coming days saying," there is no perfect here". Despite progression, there is always something that could be left behind by mistake, and for that, they are trying their best, cooperating with policymakers and professionals to make themselves better and serve better.

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