Google's new updated Chrome 94 will be making its way sooner than we expected

Google has rolled out it Chrome 94 version, just three weeks after it introduced Chrome 93 to the public. Google has always kept a margin of six weeks before introducing another update after one update is released, however with the Chrome 94 the release was cut less than 4 weeks short which ultimately made the feature set time smaller as well.

However, while Chrome 94 is all set to make its way, it does has hyped up some controversies even before making an appearance and the biggest reason for this is the introduction of a support for an idle detection API.

The first case that appeared controversial to many was the fact that this API will allow developers to know when a user is idle. The user will then without their consent will be linked to a developer facing notification which ultimately link them to several other applications apart from the current browser they are on. While developers have shown a very positive response on this, Mozilla and Apple Safari has shown a rather negative feedback towards this approach.

Mozilla stated that the API could go in the hands of malicious websites who can use it the information against the users consent without them knowing, while Apple Safari stated that there didn’t seem to be a use for API in this case and other developers knowing what other devices a user is using without their consent seems an extreme breach in privacy.

Apart from this, another interface that will be launching with the Chrome 94 is the Virtual Keyboard API that is being handled by User Agent Behaviors that will give website developers a say in how the virtual keyboard will be placed and how will it appear.

Apple and Mozilla haven’t given their statement on this interface while Microsoft Edge is fully on board with it.

Google in the new update will also remove AppCache and is encouraging users to work with Services Workers instead. The company claims that AppCache has a security liability and the latter one is a safer option. While Mozilla and Apple Safari haven’t said anything on this, there has been news that these two search engines will also remove AppCache soon, so this means they are onboard with the idea as well. Low-level WebCodecs API will also be present which will provide a way to hardware and software encoders and decoders.

Apart from this some other smaller changes will be made as well.

Chrome 94 will be updates automatically on your PC, however if it doesn’t you can always update it from the settings in your computer. Chrome 95 will be making its way soon next month as well and we cannot wait to see what else will the new update bring for us.

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