LinkedIn tries to increase the user engagement through the introduction of the “Articles for Pages” option for brands and “Creators Accelerator Program” to support creators

LinkedIn is trying to make its platform a better place for creators and brands so that they can maintain the engagement level of their audiences. Recently, the platform has financed about 25 Million USD to support the creators so that they can upsurge their viewers. The platform has introduced its Creators Accelerator Program which is a fragment of overall investment. Andrei Santalo who is an international leader of the community said that his crew has communicated with numerous creators so that they can get feedback about how the platform can support them in a better way. The creators want financial assistance from the platform so that they can upsurge their audience and shape their community.

This latest step is a Ten-week program that will provide training in the form of incubator to hundred creators from the United States. This program will give creators an opportunity to be prominent and will further support them with 15,000 USD so that they can make their communities. Those people who want to be a part of this creator program can submit their applications up to 12 October. More creators should come forward as this program can change their life. The platform is also organizing an event after this month in which the management team of the platform will give awareness to creators about what they need to know so that they can perform well.

LinkedIn is also giving equal attention to brands so that they can boost their content exertions on the platform. The platform has introduced a new way to enhance the posts on company pages. LinkedIn is rolling out ‘Articles for Pages’ which is an augmentation in the possibility of comprehensive blogging that is already accessible on private profiles for the last 7 years. Now this option will allow the companies and brands to create their articles and share them on the application. LinkedIn stated that this option was available to users for a long time but the companies were restricted to character counts. Now they will no longer be restricted in the ‘Articles for Pages’ feature.

This feature will give more demonstration options to the company including links, quotations, and many more so that they can engage their audience in a much better way. The platform fully understands that the audience is much important for brands and without them; the survival ratio of these brands is zero. The platform will also give accessibility to viewers’ insight. For businesses and brands, this can be a great option because that they can collect the particular info of their audience, and then they can target them in a better way after filtering their content. It requires testing to evaluate the performance of the content on the platform in a comparison with the website of brands. The platform is also rolling out the advertisement optimization feature that will give a comprehensive forecasted detail to brands regarding their campaigns.

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