Lots of Small Business Still Don’t Have Websites, Here’s Why

It might seem obvious to some people that starting a business and opening a website for the business are two sides of the same coin, even if your business primarily operates through a brick and mortar outlet. However, it is important to note that about 29% of businesses still don’t have a website. This is odd because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing these small businesses from gaining access to the customers that they need in order to thrive.

Is important to understand why this is the case with all things having been considered and taken into account. A survey by Digital has revealed why so many small business owners have chosen to avoid making a website. It is easy to assume that this is because of some kind of a lack of awareness among these parties, but the truth is actually quite different.

For one thing, 33% of business owners said that they didn’t start a website due to the reason that they got all of their traction through pages and accounts that they had made on various social media platforms. What’s more is that 32% said that they have never needed one, and a further 29% said that their customers don’t really use the internet all that much. 29% also said that they focus a lot on their niche and this makes a website unnecessary.

In all of these cases, small business owners are justifying the lack of a website by claiming that it’s not something that is all that necessary for them at all. However, it should be noted here that these reasons are really not all that valid if you think about it. Surveys have shown that websites are beneficial for businesses regardless of their niche and whether or not they feel like their customers even go online.

Research by Hootsuite has shown that 97% of customers begin their customer journey by searching for a product online, and customers spend a grand total of about a 100 days on online as well. This seems to indicate that building a website is truly beneficial as it will increase business undoubtedly to the point where profit margins can be greatly improve as well. What’s more is that this research revealed that 30% of customers might not even want to transact with a business that does not have a website as this would somehow make the business seem a lot less legitimate to them which makes a lot of sense.

Building a website has ended up becoming far easier than ever before, so much so that you can make the most of it in no time. If you are the owner of a small business, you really need to start putting more effort into maintaining your online presence as this is a make or break deal in the modern age. Not having a website can send your business into a death spiral that you might not be able to drag it out of, so handling this issue sooner rather than later is important if you get all of the facts straight in your head.

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