The Launch of iPhone 13 Heats up the Trade in Market for Older Versions of the Apple Flagship Product

Apple has been leading the list of most advanced phones for a long time now and has maintained its standard since then. This week, Apple unveiled a new iPhone 13 along with iPhone13 mini during the annual product launch. The tech giant took to the launch to highlight significant features of the phone in a hybrid seminar. The brand new iPhone with its sleek and beautiful design allured its customers with not only brighter screens and advanced dual camera but also a surprisingly longer battery life, something that iPhone users have been waiting on forever. iPhone 13 is a state of the art cutting edge mobile device in existence with custom 5G antennas and the A15 bionic chip that will boost all of its features including the much needed battery life. Contrary to the high price tags that iPhones come with, the new iPhone 13 has its price ranging from just $699 for the base mini version to $1099 for the pro max appealing the maximum features.

As has been the tradition, Apple halted the manufacturing of all other models of the iPhone in range for the newest release to hit the market. With the Apple community being more than excited for the new phone, it is not surprising that the second hand market is being flooded in with previous version of iPhones for trading so users can get a new iPhone. To cater to the increase, SellCell took to the ground by going in for the trade in for the iPhone 13. Again, to no surprise, there were around thousands of old phones being traded in and the analysis revealed that the maximum number of trade ins were made by iPhone 11 users reaching an estimate of 18%.

The number was not surprising as the Apple’s 24 month contract is seemingly ending for iPhone 11 users and it seems like the best time for these users to upgrade to the new phones without having to take significant losses. Following iPhone 11 trade ins was the iPhone XR sitting strongly at 14% following the average trend in the United States of a four year phone trading cycle.

However, what surprised SellCell was the staggering 14% users of iPhone 12 Pro Max that were ready to trade in their less than an year old device for a new one. But there was a solid explanation for the amount as trading iPhone 12 presented with the best deals at the cheapest over head for the new iPhone, leaving people more than eager to handle in a couple of hundred dollars for the new one.

There are several other surveys launched by companies in the United States to have an overview of the trading market with CIRP leading the charge by surveying over 2000 smart phones and their opinion on trading. The global phenomenon with the new iPhone is one that we all are desperately awaiting and will actively be tracking down.

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