Apple is developing a tech to detect the mental health condition of the user through iPhone

Tech giant Apple has always given its best whenever it plans to release a new device. The AI used by the company is way ahead in comparison to other companies. Currently, Apple is working on a new Artificial Intelligence software that can detect the mental health of its user. This feature is going to be the first of its kind.

According to Wall Street Journal, the detection of the mental state will be made on the basis of sleeping pattern of the user along with their way of typing. Such behavioral changes are expected to help the AI software in determining the condition.

The diagnosis will also be made based on the facial expressions followed by the vitals of the user including their heart rate and breathing rate. By keeping the privacy of its user as the top priority , the data to be processed to make a conclusion will not be forwarded back to the company instead the device will be capable enough to make a conclusion on its own.

The feature is still in its developmental stages. The official study for this AI software started back in 2020 in the University of California, in which 150 candidates took part, who were studied with the help of devices including their iPhone and Apple watches. The number of candidates has now gone up to 3000.

Once the data is collected from their smart devices then it will be counter checked with a number of questions to be answered by the participants for how they felt, if they were stressed out or felt anxious. This step is necessary because it will give an overview of how accurate the conclusion was made. Another measure is also been taken to further verify the conclusion, this step is the measurement of amount of stress hormone released in the volunteers.

The study will continue for an other 2 years. Initially it was started as a 3 years study project. Another study is also underway which focuses on people with a high susceptibility of cognitive illness. If the data from both these study projects line up then Apple will go forward with their AI software , aimed as a self care tool for their users.

This feature won’t be available for a couple of years and it cannot be assured if the study will line up however it is believed that people with such conditions use their phones differently. This behavioral change is what the new algorithm will detect. And based on Apple’s determination with user’s privacy, safety and health, it can be expected that the company will manage to release such feature in upcoming years.

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