Facebook has taken actions that can provide hope for Suicide Prevention and Awareness movement

Social media giant Facebook has published a blog post which sheds light on the steps being taken by the platform to minimize suicidal rate in the society. The blog was released on the occasion of ongoing awareness month for Suicide Prevention. According to the company, they are restricting the content being uploaded which may not go against their guidelines but can divert attention towards suicidal factors.

The main goal of this awareness month is to give hope to others through their actions. These gestures are required to give hope to those who might be carrying such thoughts with them. According to the company they have been focusing on this issue since 2006, and for this, they have been working with experts to manage their user policies for content that could possibly be supporting thoughts of such actions.

Starting from 2006 till 2021, these people have played an important role in regulating the platform so the users can express their thoughts, share their experience, open up to others. According to Facebook, from the time they released their 2020 update, a number of organizations came forward to help those who could either be suffering or might have suffered from such thoughts.

SAVE organization, short for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education guided almost fifty thousand workers belonging from different field, on how they can receive mental health resources while supporting others. Meanwhile, Lebanon's Embrace and Brazil’s Insituto Vita Alere focused and encouraged people to help those in need. While, Singapore’s Samaritans gave a direct support in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

While talking about the specific steps taken by Facebook, the blog said that they have been in touch with such experts so they can properly manage the content that gets featured on this platform which could possibly be a triggering post for some. While posts that can provide positivity to those who are suffering from Self Harm thoughts are much appreciated .

The company is also working on a tool kit, aiming to help users in understanding the risks of carrying such thoughts while also guiding others with the possible consequences so they can minimize the impact. Since Facebook is a global platform , the tool kit will be available in almost 20 different languages so more people can connect with it.

The best way to minimize suicidal rate while extending hands to provide support is by uniting with each other to work more efficiently. Facebook is aiming to continue its work for supporting those who needs help and create a positive impact in a society.

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