Twitter Finally Paves Way For Alt Text To Be Used With Photos

The world is progressing at an exponential speed and so is the internet with its never ending demands pooling in for tech firms across the board. While some of these demands are obscene, some are worth the efforts put in to bring into action and at times can even bring good spirit and reputation to the company to the audience.

Twitter following the settlement of the 2014 class action lawsuit was under the radar for defrauding its shareholders and taking advantage over the course of the year. The $810 million settlement presented puts the company into internet cross hairs as many consider the tech firm to be guilty of these charges despite the case being settled. To curb down on the negativity, Twitter was recently pointed with introducing alt text to pictures for users, something that has been repeatedly and asked for by many many users. The provision of alt text has been spread across several websites that allows users to present text associated with images that describe the image in words and at times it is also reflected on videos where hovering over the video can indicate a detailed title of the video in alt text form.

However, Twitter has currently only been apparently planning to bring this through with images as Jane Manchun Wong took to the application itself in a bunch of tweets to share the screenshot accompanied by the details of the text description provided under reference.

The tweet mentioned the fact that Twitter will now also put reminders for users to add alt text to their images before uploading their images on the application. There will be mentions when the users forgets to add the alt text or if it is missing from the image. The update was welcomed with open arms and some critiqued that this needs to be extended to videos as well. The demand was backed up by the fact that many other websites carry the same policy.

From Twitter, after the discrepancies it has faced, seems like the most viable option to attract and secure their existing user database.
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