Instagram Kicks Off Its Live Shopping Event To Boost eCommerce Activity

The pandemic has seen Instagram rise to the top of the social media platforms list booming with activity and the user base spreading all across the globe rising to around one billion active users at a time. To increase the digital market activity over the platform, Instagram has activated the 10+ days of Live Shopping Event to have celebrities and influencers advertise retail and sale products and services across the app on live stream and connect to the audience.

Instagram mentions the wide range of product categories that it plans to cover including Fashion, Music, Beauty and Lifestyle in a once in a lifetime cross over. With celebrities starting to feature products from the 1st of September. These celebrities include the likes of Selena Gomez, Lil Yachty, Kacey Musgrave and several other surprise guests over the course of the season. These products will not be limited to the pre-released stuff but also include new releases, promotions, and special merchandise all across the table on the platform.

These live shopping sessions not only extend for the entire month but also includes celebrities promoting collaborative brands and some promoting their own brands as well on the stream. Users will be allowed to tap into the live stream by tapping the button on the shop section of the profile providing an overview of the selected eCommerce stream.

The significance of this step is huge with magnanimous potential as the economic upside and product scaling are some of the key highlights across the board for the event. With Instagram Shops being introduced swiftly to capitalize on the increased shift towards the pandemic induced eCommerce era, all social media platforms are trying their best to capitalize on it. Instagram has tipped the scales in its favor by introducing an event that will allow shopping with images and videos reshaping the eCommerce industry. With much more benefit to the users due to increased accessibility and less hassle along with communicating with their favorite celebrities, the 10 days of Live Shopping is considered to be on the rise for the grandest boom of 2021’s shopping season.

Hot on Instagram’s Heels, TikTok also has initiated a live stream option for sale, purchase, and marketing. It is expected that Facebook would do so soon enough to catch on towards the stream buying options. Not only will this be useful for the sellers, buyers and celebs but Instagram could increase its user database allowing it to expand on the advertising business.

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