Instagram Is Adding Tutorials For Influencers, While Facebook Updates The Watch Menu Tab

Instagram is working on creating a tutorial section for influencers on the platform. In other news, Facebook is working on a new way that users can quickly create their own videos from the Watch tab.

Instagram is a huge platform right now, and nothing signifies that more than the number of influencers that occupy it. Brand deals are encountered aplenty, and sponsored posts from such individuals are almost inescapable. Naturally, with such a big pool of influencers, and the millions of individuals that follow them, Instagram wants to encourage further growth. Therefore, the devs have been hard at work, coming up with new ways to be influencer friendly. A recent one in line with these is the inclusion of a shopping service, where influencers can sell their own personally branded merchandise. And now, it's going as far as to create an entire tutorial for such users on the platform.

The tutorial isn't publicly available yet, with screenshots being supplied by online social media researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. The screenshots depict an entirely new interface, that displays information useful to any influencer looking to build their brand on Instagram. As per the provided screenshots, the Tutorials interface can be accessed via an option under the Creator menu. The interface itself provides headings such as "Building Your Community" and "Creating Great Content", with each of these headings having associate advice and information provided below. The information ranges anywhere from general tips to utilizing tools specific to Instagram. Again, it should be remembered that Instagram wants to keep these platformers on its platform, and will accordingly make sure that it is at the forefront of all such tutorials.

Next on our news updates is Facebook's introduction of a new shortcut to the Watch tab. Watch, for those unaware, is essentially a menu option on the social network's interface that leads to trending and popular videos on the platform. This recent update will add a plus sign to the Watch interface. Clicking upon that plus icon will further give users the immediate options to go live, upload videos from one's device, or to make a video using their camera. Since Watch is a video-based interface, it makes sense that Facebook would want to include these shortcuts close to the tab.

Both of these features seem to be under beta testing, and can accordingly be expected to release within a few months worth of time.

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