Google's SafeSearch feature is in for a change to create a safer environment for users

Google's SafeSearch feature is now updated to keep all the users from seeing things they certainly do not wish to.

Google has had the SafeSearch feature around for almost as long as the search engine itself has existed. However, it has been hidden in the depths of the system's settings. With the new update, users would be able to navigate the feature quicker and easier, as reported by.

As most of us might already be quite familiar with, or not, the SafeSearch option was found deep in the settings when one made his way through the Google app settings into the General tab. The option did not have an explicit view and was found amongst the list of other considerably 'boring' features.

So it came as quite a surprise when Google decided to move it to the main preference page where many of the bigger names like Google Assistant, languages and regions, the home screen widget customization, and such privileged settings lie. The new update also gives the feature its own explicit page, with a brief description that can even be made longer with a 'more about' option. How much more attention can a single feature get for us to deem it super important?

Now, when it comes to the feature itself, it's pretty easy. When it's on, you'll see safe searches when you get results. When off, you will see true searches which even include violence and such. It can be compared to a hamburger menu- navigation drawer that you find generally in mobile phones.

The change is appearing on the Google beta version on Android devices. The feature would probably have launched already so if you're a part of the beta trial, be sure to check it out. Android 12 hit the stability milestone pretty early with its launch. With its list of innumerous benefits, we won't say that we did not see it coming.

Android 12 has offered some of the best features in the market including an accessibility feature that lets you use facial expressions to control your phone, Google lens loaded with Material You elements, an 'ongoing call' chip for Google phone app, better features to help facilitate shopping experience, and much more.

So these were what Google has in store for us, we will surely expect way more from now on, seeing how Google certainly hit all the marks this time around.

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