Livestreaming with millions won't be a problem on Telegram anymore

Telegram has been on the roll for a while now, bringing about a wave of new changes and updates in competition to major platforms tweaking their themes to fit more with the changing times. As we've already seen Telegram has introduced a couple of features including improved video messages and group video calls, multimedia groups, and much more.

This time around we're talking about a major new feature - the ability to video call or stream with an unlimited amount of people, which was previously limited to just 1,000 viewers. Yes, it does seem a little far-fetched but trust us, it is true. Telegram is now allowing users to have as many people as they want on their video calls or live streams. To prevent the whole setting from getting chaotic, it has also established a feature where participants will be able to raise their hands if they want to engage in the conversion or have something to say. This will only be possible though if the host allows them to participate so the power still lies with the one conducting the session.

Another rather efficient update is the ability to forward items while hiding or showing the sender as well as the caption. Also going by the name of 'flexible forwarding', this feature also has a preview window where users would be able to double check the recipients in case users select the wrong chat. This will save lots of us from first-hand embarrassment unless we forget to check the preview bar as well. There's only so much Telegram can help us with right?

Next, Telegram provided us with a rather remarkable feature. Users will now be able to jump from a channel to the next. Think of all the uninteresting content you'll get to skip! The process works in a way where when you're at the end of a channel, a prompt will appear. That will enable users to swipe to the next unread channel. While you'll still have to scroll till the end of one channel, it certainly saves a lot of time and is definitely more efficient. When done with the channel, scroll on and the prompt will appear again and viola! A new channel.

This isn't where the treats end. Telegram also has something in stock for us when it comes to the minor features. For instance, the previews for the stickers will now be much larger and there will be new animated emojis as well. Trending stickers will also be viewable with the new updates.

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