Google Allows Businesses To Feature Promotions In Search Results

With the global pandemic reaching new heights over the last year, urging every industry and organization to go almost zero physical contact and mostly digital in a stifle for eCommerce saturating the already thick market resulting in businesses looking for ways hither and tither to differentiate themselves and attract customers towards their brand and services. One of the most important methods to achieve attention and attract potential clients and purchasers is through discounts and promotions. However, unlike the wither olden days where a huge banner in front of the shop would suffice to attract half the town, the internet is saturated with many trying the same approach towards gaining customers however a relative comparison on the first page of the search history was not true until now.

With certain limitations to the deal of only return and shipping, Google has allowed the marketers to indicate in their search results advertisements about any possible promotion over at shipping and return. With the promotions being listed on with the search result it provides a quicker and more efficient access to the users towards making a more informed decision at the end of the day along with providing the businesses with more customers and a greater reach out towards the users showcasing transparency and availability.

The new update will also include any annotations with the details in regards to the time frame of the promotion in the sense that a deal valid till 27th August 2021 will have it mentioned explicitly till when the deal is available providing all necessary information only in the search page. This came across as the shopping seasons started across the united states leading to a magnanimous increase in the user’s purchases. The trend was backed by 58% of the surveyed Americans indicating their intent to purchase presents online with a similar 59% going in for the gift hunt at an early date to avoid being stuck at the unavailability of the item closer to the holidays.

Not only does the update cover promotions but also mentions the standard retail price with the more trusted, cheap and fastest of the shipment options with the product being mentioned in the search query retrieved from the users. However, to be able to mention the feature Google has rolled out some eligibility guidelines that revolve around the merchant account and registration of the business and its products as free listings in the US. The same goes for the return facilities as they are equally important this season.

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