Facebook steps into the world of gaming and launches its Fantasy Games

Facebook is a huge social network with a vast amount of audience to it. Anyone you know anywhere in the world, definitely has a Facebook account and while it is great means of communication, the social giant doesn’t want to limit itself to just that and the past couple of years with Facebook coming up with new features and tools is a living proof of this.

While the tech giant has come up with great features a lot of times before, this newly introduced feature maybe something the social giant has done for the first time. Facebook is stepping into the world of gaming with its own Facebook Fantasy Games. While the tech giant already gave access to its users to a variety of games through the platform, this newly introduced set of games will be the tech giants own budding and will also entertain users by allowing them to predict what is happening in the world of gaming, sports, pop culture and TV Shows.

The first game which the tech giant has introduced in this series is called Pick and Play, which is a sports prediction game the tech giant has made in collaboration with Whistle Sports. In this game the users will be asked questions related to big sports game, how much points were made by a specific player or the total points of the game, in short any question related to sports will be asked and when the users pick the correct option, they will be given a point.

In the coming months, the company plans on launching several other games like Bachelorette and Fancy Survivor in which users will answer questions related to the upcoming episodes by guessing what possibly may happen.

MLB Homerun Picks will allow users to guess which team will be making the most score on a particular day during the MLB Postseason. A game by Buzz feed will also be introduced.

All these games will have a public leader board which will display names of users with the highest scores and apart from this, users can make their private leaderboards and compete with their friends and family privately as well. How cool!

However, one thing what needs to be addressed is that Facebook will not let users compete with real money through their application and anyone who wants to compete with an amount to gamble, they need to make their transactions personally.

This is a great step by Facebook and while this is relatively new for them, if everything goes well the social giant may even compete with sports entities like Draft Kings and ESPN considering its user base.
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