Facebook’s CTO and VP for AR/VR both receive a pretty good promotion and move up the employment ladder

Facebook not only is very particular when it comes to its platform and always tried a way to give off its users a friendlier experience on their applications, the social giant is very great towards its employees as well and makes sure that they are treated just the way they deserve for all the hard work they have put in for the company.

Hence this year Facebook announced some major promotions because of which some big names on Facebook will be taking a step up on the employment chart.

The tech giant announced on Wednesday that Andrew Bosworth, the current Vice President of the augmented and virtual reality department will be promoted to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Bosworth has given Facebook a lot of his time and energy, specially the Facebook Reality Labs and the promotion is well deserving. He will now lead the AR VR and other tech departments along with Facebook's Reality Labs.

However, the question stands that if Bosworth will he the new CTO, where will the current one go?

The current CTO, namely Mike Schroepfer, is getting an even bigger promotion and will now be Facebook's first ever senior fellow from the start of next year.

While Facebook announced these promotions on its newsroom as well, Schroepfer took it to his social media accounts where he updated the world about his new role and how he will work towards it. He said he will hire the deserving and best technical talents out there and will work towards all new AI technologies like the PyroTech.

Facebook also gave a separate tribute to Mike Schroepfer and said he has been one of the standing forces for Facebook. He has helped the company by mentoring young employees into the true leaders that the tech firm needs, has developed and helped through many AR VR process and has represented Facebook on a global scale. All of his help has shaped Facebook into what it is today and he is one of the shining forces on board.

It is nice to see Facebook being so vocal about appreciating its employees for all the hard work they out in. This is not the first case where Facebook has appreciated is employees, but the tech giant on the launch and success of its many initiative has always tried to give a shout out to its team as well.

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