Google Meet introduces the new auto-brightness option for its users that will help them to fix the light issues during the video-call

The famous video communication tool, Google Meet introduces a new feature to brighten the environment automatically when there is the issue of dim light during a video call. This new option will have no administration control and users will be allowed to deactivate this option too. The giant tech company Google says that the new automatic adjusting light option may slow down the device, if users are having that problem, they can turn off the feature. This new automatic option will detect automatically when the user is not exposed properly during a video call. The company also rolled out the low light mode on iOS and Android smartphones during the prior year with the help of its Artificial Intelligence technology.

The tech giant stated about the appearance of a new option in a blog post. These settings are only accessible on desktops and iOS smartphones. People can test the new automated brightness option by proceeding towards the ‘Settings’, then click on the ‘Adjust video brightness’ by going to the ‘video’ option through your desktop. When users switch on this option, the communication software will automatically notice when there is a dim light and it will automatically regulate the brightness so that the user can clearly get exposed in a video call.

If the user feels that the automatic option is making the speed of the computer slow, then the user can simply switch off the feature through settings. The company says that by turning this option off, the other application will run smoothly. The latest automatic feature will be accessible to all workspace clients and business patrons as well. This automatic option has launched two days ago and will be accessible on the screen of users within a couple of weeks. However, users who want to try this new feature must have 64-bit OS; otherwise, they will not be able to get the option.

Chrome browser M90 or the latest forms are needed in windows, and macOS. M90 or the latest version is mandatory on Chrome OS. While, if users are using the Edge Chromium browser on Windows or Mac, they need to have the 90 version or even the latest browser than this. The Artificial Intelligence technology will fix the light so that users can be visible clearly to all other members to restrict the disruption during the video communication. The company wants to give the smooth experience of video calls to its users and this feature will surely help.

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